Thursday, October 09, 2003

My arms ache. Gee, who knew that moving, stacking, re-stacking & maneuvering 100 some cardboard boxes full of paper would be a strain. Then there's the box I carried back to the office. I knew it was heavy; I put it on my shoulder to keep from straining my arms. Then I opened it. It has 3 flat rocks in it & one paperweight rock. That's right, I hauled rocks around. I just have to laugh.

They're almost finished with the creation of the office next to me. The guys doing the work are nice but I'm looking forward to their departure. No more drills, no more hammers, no more chemical smell (well, no more than normal) & no more sheetrock dust.

I'm still listening to those world music cd's. I'm rotating the three of them. I wonder what people think I'm listening to when they stop by.

One of my old instructors stopped by. I run the lost & found for this building & she's lost her keys. She vaguely recognized me. I didn't realize why I recognized her until I saw her name. She's in the Communication Dept. I took the class when it was Speech. Looooong time ago.

I ate at TOL for lunch today. Wow, I needed that. I even got a table near a window. And now it's 5 pm & time for me to go home. After I run my little errands.

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