Friday, October 17, 2003

I still can't find my two Ren shirts (the ones I've been looking to wear this weekend). So I'll need to work on my back up shirt tonight. I have one more place to look for the bodice that I made. If I can't find it, then oh well, my loss. My friend Metra may have a bodice to loan me. She's going to try & locate it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I finished March Upcountry last night & started March to the Sea. I'll pick up Monstrous Regiment after work or on a break. I would get it at lunch but we (Angela, Linda, Cheryl & maybe Paula) are going to McAllister's for lunch today.

Chris connected his Xbox last night & played Halo for awhile. He seems to like it. He's threatened that he'll make me play it. He's going to look for more games at Edward McKay's this weekend, specifically Mech Assault.

I had trouble getting up this morning. As a result I have not had breakfast. I need to go get some cash & buy something.

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