Monday, October 20, 2003

I found one of my Ren shirts (the one with the yard long sleeves) and my bodice. My bodice now meets easily in the back, that whole 20# less thing. I also discovered a huge grease spot on the front of my back-up Ren shirt. Luckily my raw silk one worked instead, under the bodice at least. The bodice hid the blouse's buttons.

While Chris worked night call Friday night, I packed my bags; one for clothes, a small tote for tatting & my fanny pack holding purse-type stuff like checkbook, driver's license, money, cell phone & lip balm. I also packed 2 of the books that I bought at the Bullshead, thanks to the 25% off for staff sale. I read a little of Monstrous Regiment in between a little tv. I headed for bed a little after 10:30. Anitra called me to let me know to show up early at their house because they planned to leave for the fair by 8:30 am due to parking issues. The Village of Yesteryear doesn't open until 10 am & they don't have to be in place until about 9:45 am.

I stuffed Ruis, the plush raccoon I won at the fair last year, to sleep with at Steve & Anitra's house in my bag at the last minute. I woke up at 5:44 am. Why? I don't know. But that did mean that I had plenty of time to shower, get dressed, read a little & still leave the house at 7:40 am. I was still half asleep so I took Wade Ave to 440 to Capitol instead of taking 540 to Capitol. Oh well, I still made it to their house in just over 40 minutes. I would have been faster but I stopped at a stop & rob for a diet vanilla pepsi & some banana nut bread for breakfast.

We made it to the fairgrounds in good time. And some nice soul had brought home-made bread to the break room. I ate a partial slice of the banana nut, half a slice of the pumpkin & the orange. They were delicious. The weather was gorgeous & the fair was packed. I started on some little pieces in the bright yellow. I made one for Linda B, a tiny cross. I'm planning to try & give all the Village 'kids' a little tatted item. So far I've made a 6-pointed star w/ gold beads, a pair of candles, a lopsided cross (no one will be getting that, I believe), a bell, a gingerbread man in yellow & orange & an angel. I got so sick of yellow by Sunday.

Steve & Anitra fed me (they usually do on Fair weekends) & we all crashed when we got to their house Saturday night. Since her layoff in March & only finding part-time work since, Anitra has been under a lot of stress. As a result, she was tired starting Friday. Plus, since she's part-time she's at the fair on leave without pay. Sales have not been abysmal (last year was simply horrid) but they haven't been outstanding either. We demonstrated a lot & gave away a lot of those 4 picot flowers.

We use multi-color knit-cro-sheen to demo and it makes pretty flowers. People really appreciate it them, too, especially the kids.

One couple, Asian perhaps Chinese, whose son watched Anitra & I for quite awhile a couple years ago (we remembered his face), had their picture taken with us. I'm not certain why their son wantd a picture of his parents w/ Anitra & I, but we didn't mind posing for it. I always kind of wonder about these people who are visiting from other countries who come to the State Fair. Why did they come? What do they think of it? Anitra said that a lot of them have relatives in the area & they time their visit to coincide with the fair. I still wonder though. Anitra learned the Swedish word for tatting from one of those foreign visitors.

I filled in for Carrie Croghan last night so she could leave her booth & go eat supper. She makes these lovely knitted caps, shawls, and gloves. I wish I could afford one of those shawls. Last night she was making (for the 2nd time, the 1st one had been Saturday) a dog's sweater. This one was for a chihuahua; the owner brought him by the booth for measurements so that Carrie could knit the sweater allowing for his 'anatomy.' Carrie wasn't back from fetching her supper when I checked for her in the break room but she showed up soon afterward. Much to my relief. He was a cute dog but still. Carrie had started the sweater & she checked for fit over the little dog's head. It was perfect & it looked good on him. He was a pale dog with 'cow spots' and the black yarn with the multi-color/fawn threads contrasted/complemented him nicely. He was okay with the strands of pink in the yarn, according to his owner, because 'he's secure in his masculinity.'

This is already a really long post. I'll add more either later today or tomorrow, depending on my energy level. Oh, this weekend I wrote a letter to my mom, finally replying to her letter from late September & wrote another entry in the journal for Leela.

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