Friday, June 29, 2007

Another warm & humid day: I almost wore a skirt today but changed my mind because I didn't like my selection of warm weather skirts. The pair of black jeans that I pulled out has white spots on the front so I switched to the faded to charcoal slacks. At least they're thin which shouldn't be too bad in today's weather.

I put the new earphones on my iPod this morning. I don't know if I like them. They are sound dampening, which is not so good when I'm walking but it is good once I'm on the bus. But to really test them, I wanted to listen to an episode of the Scarlet Queen, but I couldn't get the 'menu' part of the button to work. *worry*

tatting: I have butterflies for the last of my letters and I gave one to one of the riders on the bus. She was talking the other day about how her mother loves butterflies. I had made a couple extra ones, so I gave one to her this morning. I only got 3 rings of the edging done last night. I did more than that on my errand this morning (walk 2 buildings away, pick up paperwork & back).

Letters: I only got the one to Aunt Evelyn sealed yesterday. I couldn't keep the candle lit, too much wind at the wrong times. I barely got Aunt Evelyn's sealed, the fleur-de-lis is somewhat truncated because there's not quite enough wax.

books: I picked up Ex, Why & Me again. My bookmark was still in it, so I just picked up from where I left off. As I read, I remembered what had come before. So far, so good. It was too warm to tat on the way to work, so I read instead.

One of my bookcrossing books from yesterday has been journalled. This is the 2nd book that I've released that I've heard about afterward. Whoot!

website of the day: drawing tutorial (w/ anthropomorphic specific tips)

clothes: black slacks that have faded to charcoal, black ribknit blouse, black ~slippers, black belt (goldtone buckle), onyx pendant on long chain, black glass bead bracelet, black & red stone rings (same finger), hematite ring, onyx earrings, & hair up in a ponytail/bun with very dark brown hairstick barely visible above the knot.

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