Monday, June 25, 2007

Bookcrossing woot! Someone finally not just found a book that I left, they logged it. The person read it & enjoyed it (even better). 3 years after my first release, and 20-some books; someone logged in about catching a book.

weather: It is so hot & muggy, even by 7:30 am. It might storm, I don't know if that will cool things off or make it worse. I have my fingers crossed.

Letter writing: I've written most of my cards this weekend. I need to finish Aunt Carole's & then Hailey's & Leela's. I've added Aunt Evelyn (married to my grandmother's younger brother Stanley). However, I couldn't find her address, so I called my mom who gave me her phone number. When I called Aunt Evelyn, she didn't know who I was at first. I had to explain twice that I was Polly's daughter. Apparently, my accent thickens quite a bit when I'm talking to family like that. Chris commented on it, also claiming that he needs to tape it & play it back for me to get the full effect.

Mom visited on Saturday. She was 2 hours late because traffic was backed up so badly. I think, it was because of construction but I'm not certain. We went to the thrift shop because we could avoid the highway to get there. I found a half-dozen or so tank tops so I can finally wear those blouses that I bought a month or so ago.

Movies: Went to Spider-man 3 yesterday evening. We (Chris, Rosemary & I) just caught it; only three theaters are showing it. Thomas Haden Church was a great Sandman & the special effects weren't just fantastic, they were artistic. J.K. Simmons had J. Jonah Jameson down pat. I missed the full effect though because I had an upset stomach and could not watch Spidey swinging through the city or the fights. That's one of my favorite parts, too. They crammed too much plot into the movie though. There were three villains & they could have done a full movie just with the Green Goblin. Venom doesn't make a good stand-alone movie villain but they could have merged him with a 2nd Green Goblin movie, easily enough.

tv: I saw the extras on the Another Thin Man dvd. This time it was a romance short and The Bookworm cartoon. Chris watched some more of The Wild Wild West while I worked on my writing.

writing: I got another scene or two written. I also worked on the timeline a little. I've shared the story with 2 viewers but neither one has commented on it. I know that one of them is very busy right now, he warned me that he might not get to it anytime soon.

books: I re-read Fifth Elephant, My Favorite Bride & She Walks in Beauty (by Liz Carlyle). I read most of Ouran High School Host Club #9 (except the bonus story - Love Egoist) & all of Hana-Kimi #18.

clothes: Saturday it was tie-dyed striped wolf tee with jeans & navy loafers. I think I lost one of the feather charm earrings when I was trying on clothes. Sunday it was grey Cleansing of the Oytwood tee with blue jeans & navy loafers. Today it's black ~slippers; blue, navy & black gauze skirt; striped blue tank; navy, short-sleeved ~jacket; Celtic knot ring; smaller dragon ring; ~rope band; Celtic knot post earrings; Celtic knot star/tree/moon pendant & hair up in a ponytail/bun affixed with the wood 3-prong comb w/ mother of pearl star.

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