Monday, June 25, 2007

Family stuff: while Mom was visiting, we talked about her grandparent's farm (that would be her father's parents). Mom visited when she was a little girl & she told me what she remembered. Grandma (for simplicity sake, I'm leaving off the Greats) Suzy did not like new things. Even as late as when Mom was a little girl (early 40's), she was still cooking on an open fire. They did not even have electricity on the farm until Mom was a teenager (late 40's/early 50's). Once they had electricity, it was only in the kitchen.

Grandma Suzy did not even leave the farm for years at a time. When she did leave, it was for one-day trips to the nearest town (which to this day isn't very big). They had a well-house attached to the kitchen; that was as new-fangled as she got. Every new appliance or change was a struggle to get her to accept.

Grandpa Claude didn't like tractors until his legs got so bad that he had to stop using mules. Then he fell in love. He bought not only tractors but a ditch witch (dug several ponds on the property) and other machines.

He also raised prize-winning hogs. They were huge and the kids were not allowed down at the hog lot; it was too dangerous (or they would disturb the hogs, who knew which one).

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