Thursday, June 28, 2007

Weather It's hot but it's not record-breaking hot. The summer of 1952 saw temperatures hovering at or above 100F about this time.

I got a notice from my insurance. They covered 3/4 of my last bill. But the last 1/4=$100. Same thing happened last visit. I really cannot afford that. Mom said that she'd help with my dental bills but I've been avoiding that. Looks like I'll have to ask her for help. Great. Now, I'm fricking depressed. Money problem always do that to me. Pardon me while I go all hermit.

sight of the day: ~10 year old boy with a pink & white striped mohawk.

3 butterflies done, 1 more to tat. Then back to my edging.

I finished Scent of Darkness. I've started (again) Jennifer Scales & the Messenger of Light.

: I got maybe another paragraph or two done. That's it.

gaming: Mutants & Masterminds tonight. I'll be driving in myself again. Diana has to work closing.

tv: More The Wild, Wild West last night.

website of the day: make your own soap

clothes: ponytail/bun affixed with same hairstick, white textured plaid shirt, black jeans, black belt (w/ gold-tone buckle), silver bracelet, black stone ring, hematite ring, Celtick knot ring, knot earrings (I finally fixed the one that was ~broken), triskel/knot pendant, black ~slippers.

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