Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dentist: It was certainly more expensive than I expected. Apparently, there was an unpaid charge from my last visit (surprise to me). It doubled the amount that I expected to pay. Looks like I had better be careful with my gas. I can't afford to put more into it until next payday.

It was raining cats & dogs when I headed for my car to go to the dentist. Even with the umbrella I was getting wet. Maybe a white cotton shirt was not the best wardrobe choice considering the weather.

I watched a little tv, a couple of Philo Vance movies. I really think that William Powell did the best job but they didn't show his movie (or it was earlier in the day & I missed it). It's also possible that I was distracted by the subsiding numbing agents in my mouth and residual pain.

I took a nap after I got home. I slept for about two hours. Woke up, ate supper while watching a bit of the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie & then went back to bed.

gaming: tonight it's Mutants & Masterminds but no ride from Diane. I'm schlepping out there on my own.

books: I finished First Eagle. I started re-reading Deep Waters. I'm also still reading that same issue of Real Simple.

tatting: I got quite a bit done waiting for the meeting yesterday, & on the bus. I ran out of thread again & did another thread join. While in the dentist chair I did some on the blue silk. Made a mess as usual.

clothes: black 'slippers' (the larger pair), black jeans & belt, silky poly shirt, labradorite pendant, onyx earrings, black stone ring, dragon band, hematite band, same hairstick & same hairstyle. I damaged yesterday's bracelet & have no idea how to fix it.

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