Thursday, June 07, 2007

Got some sleep: Seriously, about the time Chris came home, I laid down for a nap. Next thing I knew it was 9 pm. I stayed up long enough to have supper & went back to bed.

sight of the day: young woman, dressed almost stodgily in classic black dress & mary janes, with pale traceries of tattoos all along her arms, below her short sleeves.

books: I finished Smile of the Stranger at lunch yesterday & read my October issue of Shojo Beat!. This morning I'm re-reading The Pursuit of Marriage.

Tatting: I got about 3-4" of edging done yesterday.

tv: I forgot to mention that I watched Women of Ninja Warrior Tuesday night. Last night I watched a little of Pleasantville before heading to bed.

clothes: black 'slippers'; forest green, ankle-length, wrap skirt (embroidered & guimped front panel); burgundy poly knit blouse; malachite & silver cuff bracelet; malachite & silver wire ring; ~rope band; flower band; hematite ring; same hairstick (w/ a black bead on either side of a faceted clear one & a dangling silver spherical charm); & ~silver chain mail earrings.

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