Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Something new on my blog I've added a list of my favorite blogs. That way I won't have to go searching through my email or blog posts to find them.

: Finished Comeback by Dick Francis. It was a pretty good mystery. I was certainly surprised. Started Scent of Darkness by Dodd at lunch today. I also read vol 2 of Millennium Snow.

letters: I sealed and mailed the letters to my dad's sisters & to my niece. I suddenly decided that I want to add butterflies (tatted, naturally), to the letters so I after I finished eating (& sealing the letters with sealing wax), I tatted another butterfly. They are green size 20, so they are not particularly small or delicate butterflies in my opinion.

genealogy: No luck with the search of past State Fair winners. I ended up leaving a message on the voicemail of the assistant to the head of the Swine Husbandry department at the State College, hoping that he would know where to look for past State Fair Hog Winners. Anitra suggested that I contact the guy who wrote the book about the past 100 years of the State Fair.

On the bright side, after talking to Mom I asked the NC Census list to look for Great-grandpa in the 1920 census & they found the family! I now have confirmation of where they lived & the kids' names. To avoid flooding the list, you're limited to one request a day, so tomorrow I'll ask about grandmother's family.

tatting: another inch on the edging & three green butterflies.

tv: Last night was more The Wild, Wild West. It's between seasons on tv & it shows.

clothes: I received a few compliments on my outfit yesterday, so it looks like I will wear it again. Today it's simply ~slippers, black jeans, white polo (UNC-CH logo), tri-moon moonstone pendant, moonstone earrings, fem ring, red stone ring, hematite ring, silver bracelet & ponytail w/ black elastic.

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