Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bookcrossing:I may finally have had a book picked up. At least, I released one at lunch & when I checked back after work, it was gone. It hasn't been journalled yet but I have my fingers crossed.

: Tail of the Moon vol 5, Her Majesty's Dog vol 5, Ouran High School Host Club vol 7 & 8. I also read a little of Thrift Score. I got that latter as a freebie from the Bulls Head. I am definitely giving to my mother as soon as I finish it.

tatting: I finally made got that new thread added, plus one more repeat. The edging is now more than a foot long.

tv: I finally noticed the extras on the Thin Man dvd. I watched part of one short & a cartoon. I need to go back to the other DVDs & see what their extras are. Then we watched two episodes of the Wild, Wild West.

writing: I did a little more fiddling on my story. No big changes but I've moved a couple things around.

blog of the day: Thrift Shop Project, now here's someone I can relate to.

clothes: black 'slippers', black jeans & belt (gold tone buckle), brown/black Vorkosigan polo, gold amber drop earrings, shades of amber (gold, brown, yellow & green) bracelet, 2 gold amber rings (1 sphere & 1 ~poison ring), 3 ages of women pendant on long chain, braided hair held by a brown elastic, hematite ring & ladybug clip watch (the latter two as usual).

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