Monday, June 18, 2007

Went to Ted's Montana Grill for supper last night. I had the buffalo meat loaf, with enough for supper tomorrow night. I was really happy that I did not have any unfortunate reaction to it. I was really tired though, I'm not entirely certain why.

Over supper, Chris, Rosemary & I worked on the character that I tentatively plan to play in LG's Greyhawk Ruins. I'm planning a wood elf 2-weapon fighting ranger. With the re-training options available in LG now it's a lot easier. She can take Improved 2-weapon fighting and then when she gets it from being a ranger, she can retrain that feat to be Natural Bond.

another 5 repeats done.

I read Hot Money by Dick Francis from the Reader's Digest volume.

: forgot to add to yesterday's clothes: blue silicon bracelet & navy loafers. I'm wearing the same loafers today with navy slacks, white polo, silver & blue bead bracelet, braided silver ring, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring, blue & bronze earrings, & hair up in a ponytail/bun with a white chopstick with a blue dragon.

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