Friday, June 22, 2007

Scared a squirrel & myself. I was passing a garbage can on my way into work. The squirrel scavenging inside erupted out & startled me no end.

More training: this time in career banding. They've changed how certain events/processes take place & this was the information about it.

computer game: I went back to Diner Dash. I never actually finished that game. I finished Diner Dash 2 but I got stuck on game 4 of the last level. I finally made it past it last night, with expert. I finished the next level but didn't get expert until I did it again at lunch.

tv: a little M*A*S*H* and more The Wild Wild West. It was the spookiest episode ever! I had to watch a few minutes of something else just to ensure that I'd sleep without nightmares. I also listened to the After the Thin Man radio show that I fell asleep during on Tuesday.

music: odd, maybe good musician (accidentally came across her in YouTube): Trish Thuy Trang.

books: Started A Date with the Other Side, so far it's pretty entertaining.

writing: I actually got some done last night. I started with the scene explaining where Short Fix got the money to expand her shop & hire Spindle. The scene isn't done yet but I'm working on it.

clothes: black ~slippers & slacks, grey polo, silver clip watch, paui shell ring, Fem ring, hematite ring, paui shell pendant on long chain, brass/bronze & pewter earrings & ponytail pulled through above elastic.

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