Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thunderstorms make me sleepy - which might explain why I fell asleep on the couch at about 9 pm. I completely missed Veronica Mars. C'est la vie.

It also made the training yesterday afternoon very difficult. It was late afternoon, it was not exciting, it was a lot of material crammed into a short amount of time and I got very, very sleepy towards the end. It's hard to make leave recording (vacation, sick, etc) exciting, but they tried to make it as interesting as possible.

They've shut off the air in the building for 2 hours this morning. We're halfway through. So far, it's not too bad. Fortunately, it's a comparatively cool day (only in the 70'sF this morning & only supposed to hit the 80'sF).

The bus broke down this morning so I was 15 minutes late to work. I sat & waited at the stop for it to arrive, just calling my boss to let him know.

The thief has struck again. Last week, I was missing my pound or so of jelly beans, today it's the microwave lunch that I brought in last week. I ended up not needing it last Friday, but I was planning on it for lunch today. I am an unhappy camper. Meanwhile, the cd/tape/radio is still there.

tv: Nothing I was in the mood for was on last night, so I pulled out my Thin Man dvd again. It didn't really have much in the way of extras so after I watched it again, I put in the After the Thin Man dvd. It has 'How to be a detective' extra, a cartoon 'early bird & the worm' and then the radio show of After the Thin Man.

tatting: not much done, it's too hot. When I say that it's too hot to tat, that means that my hands sweat & grime up the thread. I need to sign up for Palmetto's. Alas, I need to wait until I get paid so I can register.

books: I didn't see any other stories that Reader's Digest volume that I wanted to read, so I read Wicked Fantasy. Last night (before I fell asleep), I re-read Going Postal. This morning I started Child of a Rainless Year. I've owned it for over 6 months but haven't read it yet.

clothes: yesterday I wore a burgundy knit shirt, black slacks, ~slippers, clip watch, labradorite pendant, onyx earrings, black stone ring, fem ring & two black hair sticks holding up a ponytail/bun. Today it's same style shoes, black slacks, deep green Geoff polo, dragon pendant, dragon band, dragon ring, fem ring (too tight to remove today), & 3-prong hair stick in a ponytail/bun.

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