Thursday, June 21, 2007

Better day: no bus breakdown, weather is cooler & a puppy decided I was nice. One of my neighbors is fostering a couple of beagle puppies. As I stopped to pet & say hi to her dogs (on leash) one of the puppies decided to come sniff me. He decided that I was friendly & got damp dirt (dew-laden grass + dirt) all over my shoes & hands. Very cute.

Chris's dad is in the hospital but apparently it's more precautionary than anything else. He has a bad case of laryngitis or something. I'm not real clear on the details.

tv: Watched most of AFI's 10th anniversary 100 best films.

books: started to read a little of Careful What You Wish For. I still haven't finished Child but I needed a break from it. I'm also reading a serial story: Tales of Mu.

tatting: I only got part of one repeat done yesterday. I did almost another repeat today before the thread ran out. I joined a new thread & even got an additional ring done. I looked at the tentative class schedule for Palmetto Tat Days & I've made my 1st & 2nd choice (& sometimes 3rd).

clothes: ~slippers, black jeans, green/black Harrington Steading polo, green/black glass bead bracelet, flower fairy pendant, bloodstone ring, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring (as usual), ~filigree earrings & 3-prong wood hair stick with a white mother of pearl star holding my ponytail/bun.

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