Friday, June 08, 2007

Still tired: Do I need more sleep as I get older (shudder), am I still recovering from the con? Or is it the heat? It was a struggle to stay up until my bedtime last night.

movie: I watched Another Thin Man again, I had missed parts of it last time. Then we watched Pretty in Pink. It's not one of Hughes's better movies in my opinion (very angsty) so we hadn't seen it in years. I'd forgotten portions of it.

books: didn't quite finish The Pursuit of Marriage because I spent time working on my own story.

music: I have 213 songs on my 'wake up list.' I had gone through about 50 as of Friday when I left for Charlotte. That trip, I went through about 100 of them. I'm now, a week later, one & a half songs short of going completely through the list. I'm halfway through song 212 as I arrived at work.

Money's going to be a little tight this pay period. I had not set enough money aside for my car insurance. That plus the con hotel bill, etc means not much spending money. I want to buy a pair of white shoes to wear when my black 'ballet' shoes won't work (like today).

tatting: did barely one repeat yesterday.

clothes: navy loafers (don't really go, style-wise but I had nothing better), brightly flowered gauze skirt (2 shades each of pink, yellow, green, & purple, plus a little bit of white & ~black), white crinkle blouse (embroidered with flowers scattered around the neck, ties at neck & sleeves, gathered at waist, cords keeps untying & need to be replaced), quartz point feather necklace, silver bracelet, fem ring, circles band, hematite ring, feather charm earrings & ponytail/bun affixed with a white chopstick with a blue dragon almost worn off.

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