Sunday, June 17, 2007

Red Hand of Doom: We only narrowly saved Hadrumentum yesterday (Diana's character). We thought he died, in fact but then Chris remembered the his character Relgar had a +2 on the save & he survived. So he was able to Delay Death Hadrumentum. A good thing; Hadrumentum's Sacred Healing feat saved my character at least 3 times. Tell you the truth, I'm kinda tired of it though. Only 1 more session to go.

Pain: My right knee hurts like nobody's business this morning. Plus I have a headache & my left neck/shoulder cramped last night & that hurts. I put a cold pack on my knee & that's helping.

books: I finished Atlantis Rising; it was better than I expected. How rare is that?

tatting: I got a little more done yesterday, not much.

clothes: blue jeans, ~taupe Busch Gardens wold t-shirt, braided navy belt, flint crescent moon pendant on cream silk cord, moss agate bead bracelet, bloodstone ring, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring, lapis & brown bead chandelier-ish earrings & braided hair.

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