Friday, June 15, 2007

website of the day: cooling vests for working dogs in Iraq

You see why I made the website the start of today's post and why it's so large & attention getting. Most of the websites I mention are interesting or humorous. This one above & this one are important for other reasons.

I finally reached Mom last night (still don't have the answering machine set up - problems getting outlet space). Since I'll be playing Red Hand of Doom tomorrow instead of going to see her, she'll be coming to see me on the 23rd on her way back from visiting Aunt Shirley.

Gaming: Chris was finally back at the Mutants & Masterminds game last night. It was good timing. He was there to rescue the rest of us. We had been captured by The Cosmic Brain (who had possessed the leadership of Far Side City and was mentally controlling the city population), who had implanted a post-hypnotic suggestion blocking our powers. So Wraith, and Lady Lunar, are the only individuals with their powers. Cosmic Brain wants to use the rest of the Freedom League as breeding stock and make duplicates. Our characters are not happy about that, Lady Celtic & Totem (Rosemary's & my character) are fairly certain that she (the Cosmic Brain) cannot really duplicate them; she doesn't have the magic ability. She might be able to duplicate the effects, but they'll be fakes.

That reminds me, I need to find my character for tomorrow, Amber for Rosemary's game on Sunday & clear up around our table for Chris's game on Monday.

tatting: I now have enough trim to reach the front of the apron. I need just a little more than double what I have now.

books: I finished Deep Waters last night. I stayed up a little too late to do so. I made it out to McKay's (the used bookstore) yesterday before gaming. They did not buy any of the books that I took in & I used my store credit from my last visit to buy 4 books. Two of the books that I took in will now be Book Crossing books. This morning I started reading Southern Discomfort.

clothes: dark brown loafers, tan socks, tan slacks (last chance - if they give me any problems they go to Goodwill), brown belt (on its last legs), blue polo (2005 NCAA men's basketball champs), turquoise ring (4 pieces of green-blue set flush in silver), flower band ring, hematite ring, turquoise & coral circles earrings (circle of turquoise chips set in silver with two ovals of coral chips at the bottom), silver ~tube necklace with silver & turquoise pendant, & French braided hair with brown elastic at the end & a navy hair clip at the top of the braid.

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