Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Romance Chat: I had fun on the Changeling Press chatroom last night. I also was exposed to a few more interesting authors. And I managed to amuse a few people at least once. And to give someone else a very odd story idea. That is a good thing, right?

I forgot my tatting shuttles at home this morning. I took them out to measure against the apron & forgot to pack them again. I do have the little ~Hoare shuttles that Anitra gave me, so at least I'll be able to make those butterflies for my letters.

books: Finished my e-copy of We Few and read a couple Changeling Press stories that I bought (ebooks are frequently, but not always, cheaper than hardcopy). Got quite a ways into Scent of Darkness. last night I also read vol 1 of Hoshin Engi.

tv: Nada. Busy on the laptop so turned it off.

website of the day: Potters for Peace

clothes: another new top & tank top; clay/ochre-colored thin, cotton, kimono waist blouse; grey/lilac roses tank edged with wide lace; black jeans, black ~slippers, 1/2 hair pulled into a ponytail/bun while rest hangs loose; hairstick is black with bead that almost matches blouse; black & crystal bead bracelet (whose elastic I really need to replace); black stone ring; Celtic knot ring; hematite ring; black bead & black thread tatted necklace & earrings.

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