Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chores: I spent the evening doing laundry & getting my Living Greyhawk characters ready for the weekend. In one case, that meant updating the character sheet to 3rd & in two other cases, it means preparing the character sheet for the next level; just in case.

TV: Was a mix of a Criminal Minds re-run, Ninja Warrior & X-Play (which really sounded like they were ending the show; I really hope that was just a season ending & not the show finale).

for grins & giggles:

clothes: navy loafers, navy faux jacket (shawl collar, two buttons, tied belts & very short sleeves), striped navy, white & light blue tank under it, silver & blue bead bracelet, Celtic knot ring, Triskele pendant, knotted earrings, fem/dancer ring, & hair worn loose (I washed it this morning).

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