Thursday, August 09, 2007

Root canal this morning. It was not nearly as painful as I've heard others complain about. My headache on Monday felt worse than this. The worst part was my jaw cramping, which the jaw chock helped but did not solve.

I did not see the cardinal with male pattern baldness this time. I think that the bird feeder was empty. I only saw one bird go up to it the entire time I could see it (out the dentist's window).

read: Never Deceive a Duke by Liz Carlyle. It's a fairly decent Historical Romance. The hero Gabriel/Gareth learns that he has inherited a dukedom. He knew that he was related but never expected, or even wanted, to inherit. To add to the mix, the previous duke hated him and Gabriel's mother was Jewish (and in those days that was a major obstacle). The heroine is the late Duke's 4th wife & widow. She has some issues of her own to deal with regarding her first husband, her own family, and her past. Both of them are very much wounded souls but finding each other really helps them. I set it down thinking 'that was a good book.'

I went back to The Four Forges on the way to work.

weather: It's still inordinately hot. Yesterday did set a record & today likely will again. It's already 102F and may climb another degree or two. It wouldn't be nearly so bad if it would just drop into the 60'sF at night. The difference between a 100F day after a 60F degree night & one that barely dipped below 80F is perceptible.

TV: We watched GPhoria last night. Gears of War pretty much swept the awards. I think that it won in every category it entered. Personally, I've never played it and likely may not ever. I went to bed early so I missed the episode of Women of Ninja Warrior that Chris watched.

tatting: I made about 30 of the little single ring flowers while getting my root canal. I can do them without looking, there are no joins, and if I screw it up, it's no big deal. And tatting calms my nerves; not as much as Valium, but I can drive later.

clothes: black shoes, pink skirt, white blouse embroidered with flowers, flower fairy pendant, ~rope band, flower band, pink & blue ~stained glass earrings & hair in a ponytail held by scrunchie that matches my skirt.

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