Thursday, August 23, 2007

It rained! Okay, it was only half an inch, which is what we got night before last. Night before last it had soaked into the ground or evaporated before dawn, so there was absolutely no sign of it yesterday. This morning, the trees were still wet. There still wasn't enough rain to really make it muddy, but at least everything got rinsed again.

I tried to catch the 5:05 bus yesterday, expecting it to show up at 5:28 like it has all week. It came earlier than that. So I caught the 5:35 bus whenever it showed up. It was probably close to 6 pm when it did but I didn't look at my watch. Since the Mutants & Masterminds game is tonight & it's a good 40 minutes away (if there's no traffic jam), I may well ask my supervisor to let me go early enough to try & catch the 4:35 bus (assuming that it comes at just before 5 pm). I worked through lunch on Monday, so despite coming back late from lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday (10 & 5 minutes respectively), I have the time to do it. Otherwise, I'm taking a long lunch tomorrow, to prevent working overtime.

Yes, I'll be clogging up the air with my single passenger vehicle exhaust tonight. Diana has a lab tonight & won't be giving me a ride to the game. She's trying to get her lab changed to Tuesday. If that doesn't work, we may change the game to a night other than Thursday. That would also bring back the other David, who hasn't been able to play since he got his job that pretty much requires working late on Thursdays.

Mya's party is Monday week & I still don't have a present. Then again, when have I had time to really find something? Richard & Kathy said that presents are optional but seriously, it's her first birthday. Like we're going to let that go.

books: Re-read part of More Than a Scandal & started trying to read Aztec. I gave up on the latter; it's going straight to Book Crossing.

tatting: I took a picture of my progress so far on the cross (I'll post it to my Friendster page). Then, since my book was a failure and it's so much cooler this morning, I got quite a bit farther on the commute into work. I am on the top of the last arm. I have a chain, 2 large rings, 2 small chains, a small ring & then it's the last clover.

clothes: It's only supposed to hit 90F today (maybe even cooler, depending on the cloud cover) so I wore black jeans, my Vorkosigan polo, black ~slippers, braided hair, moonstone tri-moon pendant, moonstone earrings & ring, ~rope band & hematite ring.

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