Thursday, August 30, 2007

I think that I finally got enough sleep last night. I think. I had a headache bad enough that only migraine meds toned it down, I don't know why. I tried to call Mom last night but for some reason my cell phone didn't charge on Sunday. So I had to plug it in last night. No charge=no call. That will be fun to explain to Mom tonight.

tatting: I started the Workbasket database. I think I'm going to need 2 of them. One will be a straight list of issues & the other will have what's in them, at least briefly.

books: I bought & read The Mirror Prince. It's a very good fantasy novel. The premise is that there was a war in the lands of the Riders (aka Faerie) and the Prince that lost got exiled to the Shadowlands (ie our world). Unfortunately, part of the Banishment removed the Prince's memories, so he's been living as a human all this time. Over & over. Now though, it's almost the end of the Banishment & someone (or someones) are after the Prince. Only the first few chapters take place in our world, the rest is all in the Lands. The writer did a good job of world-building. I think I'll keep an eye out for the next book by Violette Malan (it does not look like it has any connection to the Mirror Prince). I tried to read Newton's Cannon but just couldn't get into it.

tv: We watched Bones and Ninja Warrior. I listened to an episode of Pop-Up Video; it was one I'd seen before so I didn't watch it.

clothes: ~slippers, black slacks, green Harrington Steading shirt, moss agate bead bracelet, clip watch, green amber ring, flower band, hematite band, green amber necklace & post earrings. My hair is up in a ponytail/bun held by 2 chopsticks, black with a band of tan & black ink painting wrapped around the ends.

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