Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Still have the migraine.

of the day: tiny little black ants, very busy. The actual ant hill (I think) was about 20" long, along a crack in the sidewalk. But the trail of lots of busy little ants was another 9 feet, all along the same crack in the sidewalk. And when I say lots, I don't mean a half dozen or so; I mean a nigh unto solid trail of ants & the hilltop was so active it looked like it was moving. Tres bizarre.

And bright yellow bird with black wings, frightened from the planter at work.

tv: Women of Ninja Warrior 2 (3 women made it past stage 1 this time & 2 even made it to stage 3); X-Play, and Pop-up Video.

read: It's Witch Fire not Witch Hunt, and the question mark was The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. I also read the 2nd volume of Canon. Last night I read The Quantum Connection and part of Four Forges. This morning I'm re-reading Born in Death.

clothes: black & white skirt, black shoes, white polo, moonstone jewelry

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