Friday, August 17, 2007

Weather: Still hot & humid; so much so the air has a peculiarly soft quality that I associate with summer just before thunderstorms. The air feels like hot, damp flannel wrapped around you. You don't so much walk, as swim through the air. It's pretty much overcast, to the point that I saw streetlights on at 9 am. We need the rain so badly, that I welcome the storms, although a long soaking rain would be better.

I finally called the OPT OUT service to get my name removed from most credit card & insurance offers for 5 years. There are some that will still have my name & some that get my name from other sources that will still mail me but this should at least reduce the landfill/recycling load. The 1st R in the trifecta: Reduce.

books: I'm continuing to read Complete Scoundrel and I'm still working on sketches from Manga Madness. I was going to treat myself & buy a book today, but then I looked at how much money I had left after putting aside enough for food for the next 2 weeks, paying the dentist & other bills & realized that I had better not.

TV: They showed the last of the Kunoichi that they had and then started with the 2nd season of Ninja Warrior again. Incredibly, a full 1/3 of the 100 contests (34) made it past the 1st stage. Of course, several of them were eliminated in stage 2 but that's typical. We also watched Burn Notice & a CSI rerun that we'd missed when it originally aired.

Gaming: I checked & realized that I hadn't tracked data for the last few of Edana's ARs (Living Greyhawk character) on the Nyrond site. I started to fix that last night. I also heard that Wizards has announced the release of D&D 4.0. This is really looking like the end of my Living Greyhawk play. It's a pity, I've really enjoyed it.

tatting: I'm starting to get low on thread, I can glimpse the bobbin spindle, on one of my shuttles. It's the one I use for the large rings. So I've been using the shoe-lace trick to eke it out. I have started up the bottom leg of the cross. It's a chain, 2 short chains, 2 large rings & 1 small ring before I start considering that end almost done. That will leave the right arm of the cross & the other half of the top to do. The end is in sight (sort of).

clothes: 'pirate-y outfit' as Chris calls it; black ~slippers, navy & blue printed cotton gauze skirt, navy cotton/linen short sleeved jacket with a horizontally striped blue/navy & white tank visible in the vee of the neckline, 3 women pendant, blue thehungersite silicon bracelet, lapis flower ring, fem/dancer ring, lapis lazuli chandelier earrings, hematite band & my (wet) hair pulled back into a ponytail; held by ponytail holder with 2 translucent plastic squares.

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