Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is with me? I woke at 4 am, hungry enough to eat my left arm. The only thing I could do was get up & get something to eat. Alas, there was nothing ready to eat; I had to fix something. Okay, it only took about 10 minutes; that's enough for me to thoroughly wake up. By the way, the only thing of interest on at 4 am was on TCM. They had a Roy Rogers' movie. Alas, I missed the beginning so I switched over to catch the weather. It's going to be hot. Again. Shock. Surprise.

I finished reading Harmony's Way though. It's a decent read but very explicit. I'm not often comfortable with that level of language.

I've had 5 hours of sleep and I'm tired, even now. I am not quite certain how I'm going to get through the day. I guess we'll just have to see.

I forgot my bus pass yesterday. Luckily the morning driver recognized me & let me on anyway. I realized just as the bus arrived. For the commute home, thought I had the fare, especially since I wasn't catching my usual bus.

Now I'm going to work on a database of the Workbaskets & their contents. Or maybe I'll work on my writing. We'll see.

dream: something about Rosemary, horses, carriage rides and starting a business of 'old-fashioned' carriage rides vs modern? carriage rides.

clothes: black slacks, black belt, ~slippers, white polo (UNC), moonstone earrings, pendant & ring, ~rope band, fem/dancer ring, hematite band & braided hair.

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