Monday, August 27, 2007

Didn't get much done on Saturday - But then I'm dealing with borderline depression (again - everyone heave a sigh of weary resignation). I played on the computer some, read some & that was about it, once I finally woke up. We did go see a movie with Rosemary and get the part to fix the downstairs toilet. That's something, right?

: Underdog; surprisingly good. I was expecting, at best, something mediocre. I was pleased to be proven wrong. While a bit Disney-fied, they did manage to carry the chief concepts of the cartoon over to live action while making a pretty good origin story.

We ate late, just kind of a late night snack after the movie. I had the yin yang boneless chicken. It was pretty good but the spicy kind of crept up on me. It's an appetizer, so if I'd been sharing it, instead of eating it as my meal, I probably would not have noticed it. As it was, about 5 am Sunday morning, my body decided to express its displeasure with my choice. I did get a lot of reading done, though.

Speaking of which, Books: I tried to read Small Town Girl when I first bought it but just hadn't been able to get into it. I tried again on Saturday & really enjoyed it. It all comes down to mood sometimes. I finished it Sunday morning, along with re-reading Witness in Death, finishing re-reading Rapture in Death & More Than a Scandal. I also read Vineyard Shadows (a mystery set in Martha's Vineyard - one of my thrift shop purchases). We went by FE after lunch on Sunday & I bought 3 manga & Shojo Beat. I've read the 3 manga already; Tail of the Moon, vol 6, Hana Kimi vol 19 & Atelier Marie & Elie: Zarlburg Alchemist vol 1.

Gaming: Rosemary had her game on Sunday, as usual. We finished fleeing Cyric, mostly by running into some Purple Dragon guards. My half-drow had the good sense to immediately pull up her Purple Dragon issued weapon/adventurer permit from Centarum (or someplace like that). Since she was vouched for, being lawful types, they immediately accepted her. Of course, the group still didn't get to sleep in peace. The god of murder came calling and they had to fight him. He killed all four of the guards at the base of the tower steps (where the party had been quartered), possessing 2 of them. We stopped at 6 pm with our 'priest' (aka sorcerer/monk of Mystra) grappling him, while explaining to the newly arrived guards that their compatriot had gone mad.

Tatting: My friend Leigh is cleaning out her storage unit & gave me 3 boxes, computer paper-sized, of Workbasket magazines. There are some duplicates but I can find good homes for them all. Just looking at the first box, they date from 1951 to 1995.

clothes: jeans & t-shirt all weekend; big shocker. I wore the Trinic*con Battle Interactive t- on Saturday & one of my Origins t- on Sunday. Today it's the same old shoes, black jeans, black tank under the ochre tunic, and dragon jewelry (3 rings, earrings & pendant).

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