Monday, August 13, 2007

Cut my bangs yesterday: As usual, I cut them just a little too short. At least they'll grow out.

Forgotten Realms: Even with Mya as a distraction, we at least got through the fight yesterday. As typical, the wild magic played havoc with our plans (& those of our opponents). Rosemary is doing a good job of taking a module that was written as a tram ride (ride the tram, door opens, you watch stuff happen, your actions mean nothing) and turning it into something playable. We do have the problem that our characters have traveled back into their history so they have some idea what happened and dare not interfere too much. Although they did try to prevent Cyric from becoming the god of death & murder. They failed, as became shockingly obvious in yesterday's game.

Mya: Duncan's reaction was pretty funny. He likes babies because they're about his size & thus they are not intimidating (he overcompensates). However, at one point he was quite vocal and as best we could tell, he was scolding Richard about something. We think it's because he was holding Mya & she was crying. She really doesn't like being put down for her nap.

At some point, everyone at the game but Chris had a turn at holding her. She's fascinated by everything around her and whoever is holding her becomes the focus of her attention. I was holding her while Richard set up the play pen (it folds up to the size of a large fencing bag) and I was watching Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom episode about wolverines. So I would repeat what the show was saying about wolverines, bears, etc while I held her.

books: Read the next volume of Kitchen Princess, #3 & also the most recent Genju no Seiza #4. I'm now re-reading Games of Command. I really want to re-read An Accidental Goddess, but I can't find my copy.

Dreams: another weird one. Saturday night it was a CSI dream. There was an old woman first, but I'm not sure how she was connected. The team was called out to look at a dead body in some kind of wet suit, in a sealed coffin/sensory deprivation tank found floating in the river. It turns out the DB was an addict & the set up was for smuggling. They checked records & this particular addict had been brought in by the same EMT every four weeks for the last [indeterminate period]. It turns out that was also part of the smuggling. The drugs were in the addict, who's kept out of it in the container, floated on the river across the border & then the container is retrieved and then the EMT retrieves the drugs from the addict/mule as part of 'emergency call.' The EMT gets arrested, natch.

Last night's was set in a dystopia. Some government agent had tracked down The Wells Traveling Circus. It turned out that Mr. Wells, who had had the contacts that kept them traveling without getting caught had died; so they had settled in this apartment/brownstone building. The agent, a woman, was going up the stairs, around the ex-performers who are exercising and practicing when she was finally met, near the top, by Mr Wells's assistant. The assistant showed off her hat/wig that she wore for her dance routines in the circus (based on an old friend who was a belly dancer, with the addition of a hat with braids hanging down). The performers would probably be executed for seditious and disloyal behavior (entertaining etc). The acts consisted of everything from a Fat Lady (who had lost a lot of weight since they stopped traveling) to Martial Arts Exhibitionists to Dancers and Acrobats.

Switch to an underground gambling hall, where drudge office workers/drones entertained themselves playing slot machines etc; none of which is permitted by the government (nothing entertainment is permitted - it is a distraction from working all the time). Under the floor of the gambling hall, people try to keep the machines running. I was working on trying to repair an old ticket/lottery machine when the establishment got raided and I had to flee.

I managed to get a ticket on the subway train (in Germany or France) and somehow managed to stretch the ticket to Rushford in England. About that time, my alarm went off.

clothes: navy loafers, khakis, white UNC polo, ~rope band, hematite band, knotwork earrings, star/moon/tree/knotwork pendant & braided hair (white elastic).

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