Friday, August 10, 2007

Migraine's still here. It's a residual background pain that never quite goes away. But then, a multi-day headache is one of the symptoms that distinguishes a migraine from a garden variety headache.

I don't know if it's the heat or the headache but I took a nap yesterday after I got home from work. I went to bed about half an hour early & then tried to sleep through my alarm clock. Not counting the nap, I had about 9 hours of sleep.

reading: I just couldn't face anything that requires real thought; so I'm re-reading something quasi-light - Penelope & Prince Charming. It's a Regency with a definite twist. He's the finally out of exile prince of Nvengaria (exiled by his own tyrant/madman of a father) & she's the long-lost Nvengarian princess that he must marry to fulfill the prophecy (or the head of the Council of Dukes will have him executed). Of course, the Duke is sending assassins to kill him anyway. There's some drama, some magic (mostly subtle - no fireballs), and definitely some sex.
Supper last night cost about $6, not including the sodas. The meat was a fairly cheap cut at about $3, the marinade (which softened & moistened the meat amazingly well) was about $1, and the package of mashed potatoes was about $1. I think we may have that meal more often. Wednesday night was spaghetti; another fairly inexpensive meal.

weather: It is still hot. Yesterday it hit 104F and it may get that hot again today. Blech.

clothes: today I'm wearing a dress that I picked up at a yard sale & have never worn before. Pear-shaped women should not wear tube dresses, even ones with ties. However, add an Empire waistline tunic over it & it is transformed. The dress is sleeveless, not-quite-scooped neck, mid-calf length with side slits to above the knee and is watercolor blue, aqua & navy with a hem of cream & black flowers reaching to the waist (scattered watercolor flowers with streaks of black for leaves & stems). Over it, I'm wearing a navy cotton gauze v-necked (to the waistband), Empire waistline tunic. I've added navy loafers, lapis earrings & ring, fem/dancer ring, hematite band, 3 women pendant & braided hair to complete the outfit. Jessica, one of my coworkers, was vastly impressed with the dress/tunic combo.

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