Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Women of Ninja Warrior last night. It was the 4th competition & someone finally won. Unsurprisingly, she's a dancer/acrobat. I keep meaning to have my laptop up & online while watching that show to do a search on some of the contestants. A couple of them look really tall, but the winner looked like she was only about 5'.

books: I read (re-read?) more of Simply Unforgettable & I almost finished Falling Awake. I brought Complete Champion to work with me for my commute & lunch reading.

Tatting: it's so hot & humid that I get to one large ring & it refuses to close; thus calling my efforts to a halt. I closed one large ring (last ring of the 1st clover of the pattern), short chain, small ring, short chain & then the large ring refused to completely close. Back into my bag it went.

dream: Richard T (of Lost Goblin) asked a bunch of us to find certain plants/trees for him. I think that it was gaming related. He gave each of us a plastic bag with a sample of the plant & a short description of its growing conditions. I think that I had sassafras; at any rate it had somewhat long, narrow leaves with unusual vein pattern & black berries. I ended up at my family reunion (either granddaddy's or grandmother's side, I don't know which, but grandmother was there - odd considering that she's been dead a few years) looking for the plant. I thought that I found it once, but it had the wrong kind of berries; I concluded that it was a relative of the plant that I was seeking. While I was checking the edge of the yard, one of my younger cousins latched onto my wrist and toddled along with me. Her dad managed to move the (photo?) album on the table right before she ran into it. I felt bad because I hadn't even noticed that she was about to hit it with her head.

clothes: Since I was busy reading, I ran late and just grabbed clothes. Black slacks & slippers, purple Bookwyrm polo (green dragon wearing spectacles reading a large book embroidered on the left breast with 'Bookwyrm' embroidered in yellow above it), moss agate bead bracelet, flower band, flower fairy pendant, hematite band, tri-hoop silver earrings, clip watch & my hair is down for the moment but I may put it up as soon as I locate my hairstick.

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