Friday, August 24, 2007

Gaming: Diana was able to make it & has changed her lab so Mutants & Masterminds will continue to be Thursdays. We introduced her new character, by rescuing her. We had a hard time getting started and stopped the game at 10 pm in mid-fight. We recognize her kidnappers as part of group hired/created by a company that wants to create superheroes. Since she's a recent addition to the superhero ranks, they grabbed her to find out how she became one. Her origin is very traditional; she was experimenting with a new color photography developing process and had an accident. After the accident she changes colors and has a different set of abilities & powers.

Music: this morning's iPod playlist started with Worm in the Wood, a Kipling poem sung almost a cappella (if there's just a background drum beat, is it still a cappella?), Vacation by the Go-Go's, She's My Baby by Tennessee Ernie Ford, Deep in the Heart of Texas by Gene Autry, God Is a Bullet by Concrete Blonde, I've Got a Theory from the episode of Once More With FeelingBuffy, Not the One by the Donnas, Space Oddity by David Bowie & ending partially into Take Me to the Backseat by the Donnas.

books: I bought and read The Marriage Spell, staying up a little too late after gaming to do so. The author, Mary Jo Putney is on an email list that I'm on, I'll have to tell her how much I enjoyed it. It's an alternate history book set during the Regency. In this book, wizards openly, if discreetly, exist. Abigail, the heroine, is a gifted healer who, at great risk, saves the hero Jack Frayne when he's on the brink of death. The price she sets is his hand in marriage but knowing that like most of England's aristocrats his distaste/dislike/negative emotion of choice for wizards, she posits that once she has a child she'll gladly settle in the country and they'll live apart. That will preserve his good name &/or reputation. However, there's more to it than that, like Jack's own suppressed magical ability. Like I said, it's a good read and unlike so many heroines, Abigail is not TSTL (Too Stupid To Live).

I brought an anthology, Lovescape, to re-read for my commute today. The first story, by Anne Avery is unusual in a couple of ways. One: it's a series of emails exchanged between an architect & an interior designer. Two: both of them have a serious obstacle in their life (I won't reveal it, it ruins the plot).

tatting: I finished the cross. Sort of. I did the last ring & realized that when I started it that I had screwed it up. I started with two chains & a small ring when I should only have done a single chain. *sigh* I've been getting emails from the instructors at Palmetto Tat Days; telling/reminding me what supplies I'll need. It's in 2 weeks so I really need to get my crap together.

clothes: ~slippers, black jeans, dark aqua/grey/purple/blue/black silk blouse with short sleeves, clip watch, loose hair (although I'll probably braid it again later), onyx pendant & earrings, black stone ring, fem/dancer, silver hash mark ring & hematite band.

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