Saturday, August 11, 2007

Water leak: it's now fixed, or should I say they are fixed. Turns out that there were two of them. One was caused by someone putting a 4" (legal minimum is apparently 18") patch on a leak created when they fixed a neighbor's line. We had about 4 hours without water but it was worth it. Now we have to call about getting a credit for the water bill overage.

books: reread Lord Perfect this morning.

I played a little Nanny Mania this morning; played through 3 level. Worked on one of my stories a little and watched Psych; taped last night. We watched Chris's Starblazers DVD and then watched part of the Superman story on the History Channel.

I managed to lose my cell phone. I think I may have left it at Trinic*con last weekend. I know that I had it Sunday (I recharged it & the cord is in my bag) but haven't seen it since. I thought that I left it in one of the bags either in my car or Chris's.

clothes: jeans & blue t-shirt. I haven't bothered with more than that; I'm not going anywhere.

And now I can't even save my blog much less publish it. I'm going to try again, let's see if it works.

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