Friday, August 03, 2007

Packing: I got my RPGA crate packed last night, and most of my Ironclaw bag. The rest, I packed this morning. Chris will take my crate, my clothes, my minis & my map for me (he has the day off & plans to get the oil changed in his car before going to the convention). I am taking with me, my Ironclaw bag, the RPGA bag with supplies for the one round this afternoon, and my laptop.

Water leak update: Chris talked to another plumber about getting our leak fixed. The roto-rooter man gave an estimate when he was here, but it was 4-7 times what we expected, based on the previous leak. So we got a second opinion. To completely replace the pipe section (dig it up, replace, pack with gravel & rebar, etc), this guy's estimate was about 1/3 of what the roto-rooter guy estimated just to fix the leak. Guess which one we're having do the work.

After the plumber, we went & I got the Ironclaw flyers from the nearest Kinko's. The flyers are very nice. Chris & I got supper to go & went home to eat. Less time & less clean-up; both were very important factors.

tv: We we watched a little of Ninja Warrior before the plumber came & then later, while packing, etc, The Bourne Identity but I went to bed about the time Burn Notice came on. I just couldn't stay awake without fretting myself silly.

Then of course, I woke at 5 am & had to talk myself into sleeping another half-hour. That did give me plenty of time to finish packing, load my car & get to work in time to pick up a couple things at the Student Store (new markers, new 'manga' sketchpad, art markers, etc).

clothes: black ~slippers, black jeans, Vorkosigan polo (I have my IC t-shirt in the car to change into before running my game tonight), clip watch, moss agate bead bracelet, ~rope band, fem/dancer ring, Celtic knot ring, flower band, hematite band, knotted earrings, star/tree/moon knotwork pendant & hair up in a ponytail/bun affixed with brown/black wood hairstick.

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