Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A self-portrait Christmas card that my father's father's father sent out. He had a mobile photography studio. Dad has some of his blackroom equipment.My father, our dog & me, when I was 4 years old. Come to think of it, that may be my grandparent's dog, and we might have been at their house. I don't really remember it.

I'm trying to add a photo to my profile & I'm trying to decide which one (or maybe a more current picture) to use. Probably the latter, at least I'm in that one.

Had supper with Joe last night (Living Greyhawk Gran March's newest Triad member). We went to Q-shack and talked about the whole end of LG thing. LG ends next year (year 8 of the campaign) so Chris came up with a bunch of 'year 9 adventures'. They were pretty funny.

The end of LG is all part of the D&D 4.0 release (warning link is to YouTube). The company plans to focus on the Forgotten Realms setting instead. My first thought on hearing about 4.0 was: 'well, I know they're trying to make a profit but now they're just money-grubbing'. Frankly, unless it rocks my socks off, I'm not going to bother. My 3.5 books work just fine & I see no reason to convert. Unless the GMs of my home games decide to go that way, I don't have to. My home game GMs feel the same way.

After Qshack (I had the chopped beef brisket, with fried okra & sweet potato fries -leftovers for lunch today), we went to Edy's to get ice cream. I know I should have had the sorbet but frankly, I've been very good about not having ice cream and I really wanted some. It was delicious.

books: I finished Night Shift & Night Shadow last night and sort of re-read part of Rapture in Death. I just wasn't in the mood for it. I celebrated paying off my dentist bill by buying Thirty Nights with a Highlander Husband at lunch. I read through most of it.

I was glad to sit in the bookstore and read. It was way too hot (100F and rising) to sit outside & do anything.

tatting: I'm turning the next to last corner. I did some at supper last night while we talked & tried to do another ring this morning. Just too humid.

Ran into the new neighbor while walking to the bus stop this morning. We talked on the way into work again.

clothes: black ~slippers (I'm having to spray them with febreze every night, they get sopping wet by the time I get home), black & white print cotton gauze skirt, white texture plaid shirt, silver dome ring, silver bracelet, hematite band, labradorite pendant, onyx earrings & braided hair.

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