Friday, November 09, 2007

Chris's back: The chiropractor gave Chris this brochure about everything that chiropractors can affect. Among other things, like cold feet (?), sinus problems were included. Giving it a shot, Chris told him about the mucus problem that he's had since 8th grade. The guy nodded, probed Chris's neck, found the key spot, then popped Chris's neck (very scary, this guy has your head in his hands & he's set up so that he can break your neck, why does no movie every use a chiropractor assassin?). By the time Chris had walked to the therapy room, his sinuses had started clearing.

Last night I helped him stretch. It was simple leg stretches. I remember doing those in fencing. That plus the ice packs twice a day are supposed to really help. So far, so good.

site of the day: Light a virtual candle for homeless youth in America

Gaming: Last night I went to a local game store to play the 2nd Blackmoor intro mod. I already had my character pretty much done, except for all of her equipment (Peshwah ne Dene am Brialta. Good thing, too. We were playing at a local gaming store, which I had been to before, I just hadn't driven there myself. Before I left work yesterday, I looked up directions on how to get there. It was easy, just 3 turns & the 1st one was a 'gimmee'.

I rushed home, ate a quick microwave meal, gathered my game stuff & my laptop, then headed out the door. Realizing as I made that 1st key turn, that I had forgotten to include a mini. At least I had dice. It's after dark but I remember that the 2nd turn was at a stoplight so I didn't have to read every street sign that I passed. I'm not sure exactly where I went, but I saw this one road at least 4 times. I finally managed to get back on the 1st road to look for that 2nd turn from the other direction when I see it. A sign saying "Archdale" to the left. That's the road I was looking for. But I need to turn right. Ahhhh, mapquest had not kept up. The road name had changed. Once I had that key info, I found the store pretty easily. I was only um, 15 to 30 minutes late. Luckily, everyone else (except Joe) were still in the process of making their characters. Mandy, the only other woman at the table, sympathized with me on the road thing. She had had the exact same experience the first time she had driven to the store.

Tatting: I got farther along on that variegated red bookmark. It's not easy gaming, taking notes & tatting & I fear that the tatting suffered. I did not get very far. This morning, on the bus, I managed to get another flower done. I think that puts me at halfway. I think.

Alas, after I stopped for my morning soda, as I reached to the door to my building, I could see in the reflection in the glass that my ball of thread was missing. I looked back, yes, I was trailing red thread. I backtracked & there's was the ball, happily unwinding as the pedestrian who'd (unknowingly, I hope) caught his foot in the thread was dragging it along. I grabbed the ball & started winding. Red heart thread is pretty but it has a %!*@# of a twist to it. I was worried about knotting it and just started winding the whole twisted mess onto the ball. First thing I did when I got to my desk (after taking off my coat & scarf of course) was untangle the ball & get it rewound. I had a considerable amount of thread to wind, alas.

new online thread source: Knitting warehouse

books: I dipped into re-reading part of Light & Shadow by Krentz. I was going to pack it & Thraxas (a loaned book as it's apparently out of print) for my workday read but forgot.

clothes: newly repaired shoes (okay, since Saturday, but that should still qualify as new), black jeans, same belt & watch, same hairstyle, same hematite band, ~rope band, Celtic knot ring, Celtic knot earrings, triangle pendant with triskele and burgundy turtleneck.

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