Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only a half-dozen trick-or-treaters came by last night. At least they were all in costume. We had one purple-haired witch, a Power Ranger, the movie killer from Scream, dark Spiderman & a couple others that I was unable to identify. I wore my Colonial outfit so I wasn't too lame. And yes, we have candy left over.

sites of the day: t-shirts; cool, weird ones and be a better bat for Halloween (or any costumed event)

tv: I was tired, so I went to bed before the end of Criminal Minds. Bones (Tuesday, I think) was good, though. It was a re-run but I hadn't seen it.

They changed vacation policies where Chris works so he has a lot of vacation to burn. He's taking today & tomorrow off work. He's finally going to see a doctor. Maybe the doctor can help with his breathing, his snoring has gotten worse & sometimes it sounds like he stops breathing in the night.

pictures: I've started a Flickr account.

I've almost finished a new anthology, Dead of Night. I've read all but the last story. I'm starting to read The Gangs of Chicago. This is a republication of a 1940 book, but it may help with my vignette/story of Short Fix in prohibition Chicago. It's not even a 'canon' story, it's more of a what-if. In some ways, Shadowrun Seattle has a lot in common with 1930's Chicago & I thought it was interesting for someone so historically ignorant (if it's not a car & not poetry & it's pre-2040, SF doesn't know anything about it) to try & adjust. On the way to work I read Ba.Ku, a volume with a couple of manga novellas. It has two stories, both only a few chapters.

tatting: a little farther on the necklace. I finally posted the wheelbarrow, etc on my friendster blog.

gaming: Mutants & Masterminds tonight. We're almost done with Totem's (my character) storyline. I found a great present for David, I hope. It's a book of 500 comic book villains. That should give him some ideas; many of which will be lame. But some should be good. Note from last game session; do not mention to the perennially smart-mouthed that ancient Egyptians wore kilts. That led to a whole sidetrack of the O'Siris's & McRas.

clothes: undyed linen blouse, khaki slacks, quilted & printed brown/teal/red/beige/green bolero vest, brown belt, navy socks & dark brown suede loafers that need some more stretching. They are little tight on the achilles tendon. I'm wearing amber earrings & multi-colored amber bracelet, red stone ring & simple silver chain. My hair is loose because I just don't feel like dealing with it.

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