Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Could have been a really crappy evening: One of my PMS symptoms showed yesterday (it's why I bought Creation in Death after work) and as a result I was trying to catch the 6:40 bus (last one). At 7 pm, it still hadn't arrived but two of my neighbors had. One of them had parked at the mall (bus at 7 pm goes there), so we all took the bus to the mall & she took us home. Thank goodness. Although, as we were turning into the complex, we saw what would have been our bus, pass us. I still didn't get home until almost 7:30 pm.

of the day: Random acts of kindness

: I finished Creation in Death at lunch today. Wow, it's good.

store of the day: blooming teas

tatting: didn't get anything done but finally got the pictures downloaded from my camera.

And finally, here is the pendant to my almost entry.

: Finally watched the end of Sky High. Since it's a Disney movie, Disney channel didn't edit it nearly as much as the last time that I tried to watch it (don't remember which channel). It's an enjoyable movie but it really seems like a 1980's film. Odd that.

To do:
  1. laundry
  2. all LG characters ready
  3. plan what to pack
  4. clean up some
  5. ask about Regulator con (need to take 2.5 days vacation to go)
  6. tat snowflakes (aunts, parents, bro's family, co-workers)
  7. finish necklace
  8. write letters (1 down, 8 to go)
clothes: black sequined flats, black knee-highs, black slacks, usual black belt & silver watch, moonstone earrings & ring, tri-moon moonstone pendant, flower band, hematite band, green Harrington Steading polo, & hair worn loose (washed this morning).

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