Sunday, November 18, 2007

We finally finished playing about midnight or so last night. My character almost died but it was a great game. And frankly, my character is so ineffective in combat that it's much better for someone else to be awake and her to be down.

We got to bed about 2 am and got to the con again this morning in time for our game of Order of Underworld Travellers. It's a painful adventure. It really, really is. Reed is going to be in a pissy mood for some time to come.

The second adventure of Sunday & the last one of the con, we're playing the 7th Witch Hunter adventure. Rosemary & I ended up at one table & Chris is at another.

I've been too busy gaming, taking notes, etc to read or to tat.

clothes: black tennis shoes, blue jeans, black belt, grey Siege of Yorktown t-shirt, Celtic knot earrings, flower band, hematite earrings, ~rope band, knot pendant & ponytail held by bronze jewelry clip.

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