Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did a little straightening but absolutely no shopping. I did not even leave the house on Friday or Saturday. Today I left to get lunch & to go eat supper.

Tatting: worked on an edging from the old thread that I'd bought. The thread broke on the second big ring (doing a variant of the hen & chicks) and I had to do a rejoin.

other crafts: I have started another ear scarf on the knitting loom. This one I think I will manage to finish off without it binding me. I think that if I crochet it, I won't have the same problem. I have now finished 3 hot pads and the cotton loops have arrived to do more.

Today we played a game of Witch Hunter and a quick game of Blackmoor. The Witch Hunter was massive fun and apparently my character is the collector of 'bad' things. The Blackmoor was entertaining in a completely different fashion.

I have learned something. If you leave your shirt wrapped around a bag of scented candles (not such that the candles melt), the next time that you wear the shirt you will get a blast of scent every time that you move. It's nice but a little overwhelming at times.

By the way, green tea with pomegranate is absolutely delicious, hot or cold. I think that it's Celestial Seasoning brand but I won't swear to it.

BTW, how many ways can you say the same thing? Over and over? Ye gods, drive it into the ground. Yes, I'm complaining about someone.

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