Friday, November 16, 2007

It's chilly & windy, getting cold. The games have been fun. The grilled chicken sandwich at Bojangles was dry.

I'm playing my second game of Witch Hunter and it's lots of fun. It's the second adventure and we have had some great lines. Louis mourns the death of the only tailor in town. And that she did not leave him a set of clothes. Or at least a recommendation of another tailor.

We pulled a good one on Paige. She was originally going to be running tonight's game. After we played our 1st game, we got the idea of asking her, 'what happened after the 1st fight. She looked a little puzzled, 'oh there's the whole half of the mod.' We led her to believe that our entire party died, aka a TPK. She was utterly horrified and started half-sputtering, does the campaign coordinator know? Has anyone told the author? etc. We finally admitted that we were yanking her chain. She took it in good part, we got her good.

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