Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's winter. We barely had autumn & it's winter already. I'm basing this on the fact that it hit below freezing this morning. Bah!

tatting: I finished one bookmark, with a delay. I missed the last join so I opened the ring (whee, finally managed it). I had to quasi-cheat to do it. I unloaded the shuttle & ran the thread through the last 5 knots to get the ring open. Then, when I was about to resume, I'd lost my shuttle. I was worried about the hook getting caught in the couch fabric, so I laid it aside, then couldn't find it. I found it this morning, it had fallen from where I'd placed it. I then did the join & the last 5 knots of the ring & the short chain to finish the bookmark. All it needs is a tassel. On the way in to work I started another bookmark, also by Kersti. I need to remember to send her a photo of each when I'm done.

books: I finished I'm the Vampire That's Why as I got home last night. I dipped into re-reading Sinful (anthology) & finished re-reading (partially) Paladin of Souls. I brought Way to Glory with me to work but tatted all the way.

tv: I watched part of Modern Marvels: Cotton & wished that I'd seen more. After that, I turned to BBC America & watched Torchwood & Doctor Who. Dr Who was part 2 so I was really glad to catch it.

clothes: black suede shoes, black jeans, same belt & watch, bright pink textured turtleneck, grey corduroy vest, silver ~rope band, hematite band, purplish/pink & blue earrings & big honking necklace. The pendant is literally longer than any one of my fingers & shaped like a truncated triangle with 3 slash marks through it (at an angle). My hair is in a ponytail because I just haven't wanted to bother. I pulled out one of my heavy jackets today, the reversible denim one, & a scarf.

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