Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We used the Tivo for the first time last night. We saved a couple shows. I'll watch at least one of them tonight.

tv: we watched an episode from the 1st season of Bones, an old Mission Impossible episode & part of a Superman cartoon.

books: I finished Sisters Grimm. It's an excellent book. It uses a many of the traditional fairy tale characters, in a novel way. I think I'll get the next book. I started Willing and re-reading Making Money.

crafts: I finished the headband but this time it has more orange in it. That's not very flattering next to my face. I have some lovely ribbon yarn, I think I'll make a lattice scarf from it.

clothes: black suede shoes; black jeans; same belt, watch & hematite band; onyx earrings & pendant; braided silver ring & matching pair of bracelets; black short-sleeved sweater & braided hair.

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