Monday, November 19, 2007

Tired me. I slept about 10 hours & staggered around when I got up this morning. We dawdled around a bit but still got out by the time Chris had wanted to. He had a massage appointment at 1 pm and I would not enjoy idling around waiting for him. He dropped me off and I did a little cleaning this afternoon and read, etc.

I still napped for an hour in the car. I started a 4th snowflake. I have started the 3rd point when we got home.

I re-read the 2nd book of the Sharing Knife. I also read a little bit of the Witch Hunter rule book.

I watched a few of the Falcon movies on TCM. They are pretty entertaining.

clothes: black tennis shoes & jeans, black belt, same watch, dragon pendant & rings, chain mail earring with grey roses, ponytail & black t-shirt with "stained glass" knight & dragon fight.

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