Thursday, November 08, 2007

Video of the day: Korean Freestyle Slalom roller blading; it starts slow but keep watching. Oh, sorry about the ads.

Site of the day: Hair Museum, in Independence, Missouri. This woman collects art & objects made or decorated with human hair.

tatting: I finished another bookmark or two. I also decided to include one that I made earlier. So now there are three red, white & blue bookmarks (2 different bookmark patterns), one variegated blue one & one multi-colored one. I have started a variegated red one, too.

dreams: I remember part of one from last night. We were vacationing at a beach resort, somewhere in the Caribbean. Coincidentally, someone that we know from RPGA was also there. We were hanging out & socializing when a wave of almost invisible spirits came sweeping through/past. Everyone could see them and gabbled, trying to figure out what it meant. Then someone looked out the window at where they had come from. Offhshore was this dark, looming, oncoming tornado. There were no cellars, so everyone huddled down together. We put towels and other things over our heads & backs to try & protect them from flying debris.

There was some delay. The storm just paused. It was still there but it was no longer oncoming, as everyone panicked and ran about. Someone got everybody to calm down & we started partying, singing & enjoying ourselves. Immediately the storm started advancing again. It was like it had some sentience & as long as we suffered, it was, not exactly satisfied. Perhaps, savoring?

It swept over us. The eye came over us exactly. It was very fast & I was surprised by how little it seemed to affect us. We weren't pulled up, we barely even swayed. We stayed in place as the eye quickly encompassed us & then passed. After the storm, we looked up and the place was trashed, but still standing.

books: I finished The Way to Glory at lunch. What shall I read next? Shall I re-read something, check my TBR pile or what?

tv: Chris made me watch the last 2 episodes of Coupling (season 3 episode 2 & 3, I think) last night; thank you BBC On Demand (last 4 shows, for free). It's the British version of Friends. Sort of. All I can say is that my utter lack of being able to breathe was all his fault. I was laughing so hard, I literally could not breathe. And since he insisted that I should watch those two episodes; it's all his fault. We started to watch Criminal Minds after that but I just wasn't up to it. I went off to bed & read before going to sleep.

clothes: same shoes, belt, watch & hematite band. Black jeans, paui shell pendant & ring, teal turtleneck (that has some faint purple overdyed splotches, ie laundry accident), multi-color scarf/shawl, & hair twisted up being held by my new hair clip (Bronze Jeweler). It's not a full bun, just a twist to kind of shorten the ponytail.

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