Friday, November 23, 2007

Quickie post to day: lots to do.

Read 3rd bok in Immortal Series & the 4th. Finished reading Moon Fever anthology.

Finished another snowflake.

Lunch with Dad at Maggiano's Little Italy. Not cheap but very good & lots of food. I ate leftovers for breakfast & lunch today. I have more to eat. Supper with Chris & his family, I ate lightly there. I had to.

Dad & I looked over old pictures. I could almost start telling my my grandmother's siblings apart. The photos dated back to 1906 (great-grandmother). I think that the most recent photo was 1970-ish. Wait, no, I lie. There were some pictures from Dad's birthday party in 2002.

clothes: jeans & t-shirt. Yesterday it was long-sleeved Carolina Panthers & today it's blue with flag & wolf.

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