Saturday, November 17, 2007

Today it's Mace. We played an intro LG game this morning. I played my Greyhawk Ruins character for the 2nd time. Her name is a little complex so I use the nickname Kash. The GM & the other players appreciate that. It's her last non-Ruins game.

This afternoon we played the core special. It's basically a 2-rounder game that we played in one round. We played out Cattails & there was another one at the table. It was an APL 14 table and we pretty much took the table. The other CatTail went negative but I had Delay Death prepped & saved "her". I got to use one of my Blessed Relief cards. We finished up about an hour after the round was supposed to finish, but then again we started late.

We sat around while Chris & Rosemary updated their characters; they both leveled. We sat around and socialized while we did so and finally headed for supper & to walk Duncan almost about the same time that the evening round started. As we were leaving, someone commented that a second table of Witch Hunter had been formed. We were three of the players. So we had to hurry to our hotel, Rosemary walked Duncan while Chris got food from McD's and I changed character stuff.

We got to the game about half an hour after the game was scheduled to start. But that's okay. They knew that we were coming & were waiting for us. Again, Witch Hunter is lots of fun.

We are starting to have some running gags. M'sieur Rumor is guilty of much and Louis really likes his clothes. Katherine is charming and Richard is, well, English.

tatting: I have made a couple snowflakes & given one away.

books: I've read a couple tatting patterns & that's pretty much it. Other than some game stuff.

clothes: black suede shoes, blue jeans, grey Gran March t-shirt over long-sleeved burgundy t-shirt, same watch, Celtic triangle pendant, Celtic earrings & ring, flower band, ~rope ring, braided hair with Celtic hair elastic at top.

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