Thursday, November 29, 2007

I received an odd compliment today. One of my co-workers commented on my vest (asking if I had made it). When I told her that it was a thrift shop find, she said, "You always coordinate your colors so well, I don't know how you do it." I finally learned to accept a compliment so I just nodded & say thank you. But WTH? Yesterday I wore a dark purple turtleneck, a deep plum & tan tapestry vest, black slacks, etc, with amethyst pendant & purple Czech bead earrings. Today it's navy slacks, light blue turtleneck & Williamsburg blue and cream tapestry vest. Okay, they are the same color family & they do coordinate. But it's still an odd complement.

books: Sisters Grimm 2, And Able, Swimming without a Net, and Royal Mess. My Amazon order arrived & I've done a lot of reading. I've re-read one book by Maggie Shayne, The Brands Who Came for Christmas.

tatting: I've been working on an edging before sleep. The thread's only broken once. Not bad for old thread. I've given up on the last round of the latest snowflake. I screwed up the 2nd chain and decided that it looked fine without the last round and cut it off. I've started repeating one of the snowflakes but with a silver filament. I also found some variegated green to do Jane's tree.

other crafts: tried to use that odd cotton string/thread on the loom in a loose lattice knit. It didn't work. I need to read the directions again.

clothes: I've mostly covered this already but add in braided hair, Celtic knot earrings, ring & pendant, flower band, navy loafers and socks.

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