Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Morning Music soundtrack: Here With Me (Dido), Second Nature (Clannad), Out of the Gene Pool (Jeff Foxworthy), Happy Now? (No Doubt), You Thought (The Go-Gos), Time Will Crawl, The Rum Tum Tugger,& ending with Deep in the Heart of Texas (Gene Autry).

books: I finished Wild Magic last night & brought More Than Honor to read today. I wasn't in the mood for the 3rd story so I finished it a little sooner than I expected (at lunch). Although I did entertain myself imagining a fictional occurrence in which Commander Leary from the RCN series, Emperor Roger McClintock, Admiral Honor Harrington & Imperial Auditor Lord Vorkosigan meet. Since the science of their various star travels are mutually incompatible, it's obviously impossible in any of the world settings.

computer games: I started a new game of Tradewinds 2 (warning, pop-up). I've unlocked one captain, I wonder how to unlock the other one.

tv: I started to watch Dr Who but I wasn't up to it. I really don't like the flashback-style of tv show. I then watched a little Perry Mason, then flipped around. I couldn't settle on anything & finally turned it off.

tatting: I finished the snowflake using the vintage thread. It's a little large (ie larger than a fingernail, even my thumbnail, for such a simple pattern) but it still looks pretty good. I need to clip the loose threads.

I spent some time downloading my camera's contents & then editing the pictures. I put a load of laundry into the machine but the jeans hadn't finished drying by the time I went to bed. That's what I get for having some jeans that demand 'tumble dry on low'. For supper, I had the other sweet potato that I bought at the dining hall farmer's market. I baked it much better this time. With my oven, an hour is better than 45 minutes.

clothes: navy loafers, socks & slacks; same watch & hematite band; light blue 2005 NCAA men's basketball champs polo; lapis bead earrings; lapis ring; blue stone & white bead necklace (still without pendant); & loose hair (thought about braiding but no time to find an elastic).

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