Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost didn't go to work today (depending on what resulted)
Okay, there's an idiot living, or traveling through, my neighborhood. Picture this: dark, rainy night; curvy, twisty & mostly 2-lane road, and a double yellow line or divider with trees for the entire length. As we're almost home, we see headlights of an oncoming car, and the lights of a 2nd one, IN OUR LANE! Stupid idiot decided to pass. We put on brakes and went onto the shoulder (luckily there was one at that point, sometimes it's just a hill), the car being passed put on brakes & the car behind us swung even wider & went around us. We were almost a sandwich, testing both the airbags & the seatbelt system in Chris's car. After that, it was off to the grocery store for comfort food.

And it's been raining off & on since Saturday. Yay!

movies: Went to see I Am Legend at the theater yesterday. It's a good movie, well-written, well-acted; just all around good. I didn't enjoy it. Why? Because of the marketing & the expectations that it raised. From the tv ads, it looks like an action movie. It's not. There's some action but mostly it's about Dr. Neville & his life as the only uninfected person in NYC. Like I said, good movie but I was not in the mood for a character movie. I wanted action, or comedy. I just got too depressed and left before the end of the movie. I thought I would prefer to be sitting in the cold (~45F or less), in the car & making up Jadeclaw pregenerated characters rather than watch the rest of the movie.

Gaming: I've now created half a dozen Jadeclaw characters. I am doing half erudite-types & half-combat types. I want about 10 pre-gens.

clothes: yesterday was red tank, sweatshirt, black jeans (that I'm getting rid of because the pockets are crap), Celtic knot jewelry. Today was black half-boots, black slacks, purple turtleneck, black vest with yellow butterflies & Celtic knot jewelry.

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