Thursday, March 20, 2008

book: I finished reading Vampires Are Forever today. Now I've started Vampire Interrupted. What can I say, I like that series.

I have tomorrow off & I'm planning two things. One: donating blood in the morning & two: play a game of Blackmoor. Since I only know about two players, that may not occur.

And we hope to go get breakfast before I donate blood, I'm looking forward to having a nice relaxed breakfast.

site of the day: Think Geek, neat stuff for the geeky.

clothes: black from heels to waist (~slippers, thin socks, slacks, belt); silver buckle, burgundy Jamestown polo, moonstone earrings, pendant hidden by shirt, moonstone ring, ~rope band, flower band, hematite band & braided hair. The tail of braid hits below my belt, but the elastic is still above my belt.

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